Bus Fare Payments Through M-Paisa QR Codes A Possibility

 Operators ready to go long distance between Central and Western Divisions once Viti Levu borders open
15 Sep 2021 10:47
 Bus Fare Payments Through M-Paisa QR Codes A Possibility
People at the Suva Bus Stand. Photo: Leon Lord

Bus operators in major towns and cities could soon have passengers paying for their bus fares using M-PAi­SA QR codes.

This was after Fiji Bus Operators Association president Nasir Ali con­firmed ongoing discussions within the association on the possibility of this additional bus fare payment method in buses.

Mr Ali said there was a committee formed by the association to look af­ter the implementation of this plan when the time comes.

“We have noted that M-PAiSA is the way forward, everybody is using M-PAiSA, supermarkets and shops are using M-PAiSA and the Govern­ment is putting a lot of emphasis on M-PAiSA and MyCash,” he said.

“So, we thought, why don’t we make it user friendly and make it easy for everyone.”

Mr Ali added that the association had done their research in the area and having the additional payment method would be widely convenient to some of the travelling public.

“We are definitely positive that M-PAiSA will be the way forward for our bus operators and passengers.”

Raiwaqa Buses Limited director Ashish Kumar said this was cur­rently being discussed at the mo­ment within the association to add additional forms of payments.

“It will be easier for everyone; peo­ple normally wait in long lines in top up center’s, and it is quite unrea­sonable.

“We are also looking at all other possibilities too and once we are able to discuss this through with Vodafone, we may come to a conclu­sion on what is the outcome.”

Bus operators ready for long route operations once borders open

Once the borders around Viti Levu open, bus operators will be pre­pared to take up the tasks once again of travelling routes between the Central and Western Divisions.

Mr. Shah said in the event the bor­ders are opened, the bus services would commence travelling back and forth from the divisions.

He said the association is not ex­pecting a one hundred per cent operation to begin right away.

“There will be operations, given the directives issued by the Minis­try of Health and Medical Services,” he said.

“The operations will gradually in­crease and become economically vi­able for the operators to operate to the long routes.”

Mr. Shah added that when the 60 per cent second jab rate is achieved, there would be some relaxation on the operation for bus operators, given that people would be allowed to sit together. He also said that bus companies would need to check the vaccination cards for travelers to make sure there was no danger of the virus spreading.

“People will be required to wear their masks given in the increase of capacity for travelling in buses,” he said.

“We, as responsible citizens, will work together to combat the virus.

“We will wait for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to an­nounce the criteria to be followed by the bus operators.

“My message to the public is to get vaccinated to ensure everyone around you is safe.

“Let’s fight this deadly virus to­gether. The public has to be mindful and careful because the ministry is doing what they can do, our respon­sibilities must be there to look after ourselves and our families,” Mr Shah said.



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