Six Sigma Academy Introduces New Courses

A Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, software developer, and certified ethical hacker for the last 20 years, Sachin Singh created the contents of the courses.
20 Sep 2021 10:18
Six Sigma Academy Introduces New Courses
Sachin Singh.

Six Sigma Academy has created two most demanded and practical professional development courses.

One is the Enterprise-wide planning and deployment course which focuses on many management tools, including neuro management.

The second one is the Cyber Security course, which equips one to create cybersecurity and cyber resiliency strategies.

The course also undergoes the concept of cryptographic techniques, ethical hacking, and digital forensics.

A Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, software developer, and certified ethical hacker for the last 20 years, Sachin Singh created the contents of the courses.

His courses are vetted and accredited internationally, for which he was awarded a global award.

He worked day and night for over 12 months to get the course developed.

Mr Singh said he received good responses from both local and global markets, with which he is currently conducting virtual sessions regularly.

“These courses are available online, and interested students can even use their smartphones to access the contents,” he said.

“Our e-learning platform enables one to learn at their own pace, balancing work and family. “Once the students finish the training videos, we offer virtual sessions to go through the course and answer various questions.”

He said both the courses were developed to tackle cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

“We also are glad to know that the Fiji Higher Education Commission is going through a review of their Act,” Mr Singh said.

“We hope their Act can allow professional development short course providers like us to be listed under their banner. “

“This will create more vibrant and better usage of higher education grant schemes that the government allocates.”

He said the grants could also be issued to organisations in the development of short courses.

“This will attract more market-driven courses which can be exported as a service to a more significant global market, creating more jobs and more foreign earnings.

“It will also allow local students to use their Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) funds towards these short professional development courses.”

The professional development courses would make a more trained workforce enhancing efficiency, productivity, and profitability, he added.

“From my research on various industries, this is what organizations and individuals are looking forward to.”

Mr Singh said he believed concerned departments and governing bodies should amend to allow the changes.

Continuous learning

He advised ICT individuals and experts to make a habit of learning continuously.

“Even for non-tech individuals, it is highly recommended to incorporate ICT training since everyone uses computers or smartphones.

“Capitalising on this education will surely pay off both in the short and long term.”

Mr Singh remained hopeful normalcy would be achieved after the COVID-19 hangovers.

“Our brain plays a significant role in making many important changes that are bound to come.

“Change the taboo surrounding doing or going for mental check-ups like how we go for the blood test.”

He has urged concerned departments and organisations to look more into mental health check-ups.

“We need neurotransmitter tests widely available.”

Individuals or companies that have an idea or want to contribute to creating unique short courses contact Mr Singh at

“We have the tools, and we will be able to assist.

“Let us expand vigorously in the global market,” he said.


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