Village Mobsters Allegedly Harass And Assault Nakelo Family

“They just stormed into the house. They broke the glasses of one door and busted through another. They came straight for the men in the house,”
20 Oct 2021 10:53
Village Mobsters Allegedly Harass And Assault Nakelo Family
Lepani Koroimoce (left), was one of the men assaulted on Monday evening. Eseta Yavuvatu (right standing by the damaged door to her flat). Photo: Shalveen Chand

More than 10 people armed with cane knives rushed into the home of Eseta Yavuvatu to beat up her cousins and husband on Monday evening.

This was a retaliation because of a fight the day earlier, according to her.

The incident happened at the Ram Singh Shop compound in Nakelo, Nausori.

And while the 10 plus people were inside the house, a mob of almost 50 were waiting in the compound.

For Ms Yavuvatu and her family, this was a fearful night. Inside her home was another cousin with her four-month-old baby and six-year-old son.

“They just stormed into the house. They broke the glasses of one door and busted through another. They came straight for the men in the house,” she recalled the events of Monday night.

“I was shouting to leave them alone. They were mostly young men and some boys from Namuka Village. At first, they stood on the road and shouted. They were swearing,  but no one reacted so they stormed into the house.”


The fight on Sunday night

Lepani Koroimoce, 24, and Kalivati Naqata, 27, stay with their cousin Ms Yavuvatu   in the house belonging to Raj Singh.

On Sunday the two were enjoying some beers when two boys from Namuka Village came over to where they were and joined them. Mr Koroimoce and Mr Naqata said the two men wanted to leave and take the beer with them.

“We told them that they could not take the beers. They wanted to fight. I told them we from Lomaiviti don’t fight when we are drunk. As soon as I said this, I was punched in the face,” Mr Naqata said.

“It was a fair fight, two on two. We beat them and told them to go back to their homes.”

Little did the men know that these men would gather a crowd and return for them the same night. Julie Singh was inside her shop when she saw young men from Namuka Village return on Sunday night.

“I told them that they should think twice about coming into my compound and harassing my tenants,” she said.

“I told them clearly and they went back. My tenants are good, well behaved, and hard working. The young men go fishing for four or five nights, sell their fish and enjoy among themselves. I have never had any problems with them.”


Monday night

It was around 7.30pm when the mob swarmed the compound at Ram Singh and Sons shop. Raj Singh watched the crowd and said it was as if a carnival was taking place.

Windows and glass were smashed inside his tenant’s home. Three young men were taken to hospital and released only yesterday morning.

Mr Singh said damage to his property can be repaired, but it was lucky that no one lost their lives. At Namuka Village, the village elders held a special meeting on Tuesday.

This was to discuss what was to be done with the instigators and follow this up with a traditional apology to the family.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said no one was charged yet as investigations continue.


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