FCEF Seeks Supply Chain Support

Any excessive cost that is incurred in the supply chain debacle will be carried by the consumers.
14 Dec 2021 12:00
FCEF Seeks Supply Chain Support
Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) chief executive officer Kameli Batiweti (standing third row: left) and FCEF President Vinay Narsey. (standing third row: right) with media personnels on December 13, 2021

The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) is pleading to Government for global supply chain assistance. 

This was highlighted during a media acknowledgment lunch hosted by FCEF that included a short information session with chief executive officer Kameli Batiweti and FCEF President Vinay Narsey. 

Supply Chain

Mr Batiweti stressed FCEF’s main role was to advocate and to lobby on behalf of its more than 400 members. 

“When they (FCEF members) have issues, they come to us and we raise those issues to the authorities in particular to Government. 

“Over the past month, one issue that has been quite significant is the supply chain – a worldwide issue, not a national issue. 

“It started all the way from China to the US and Fiji being where it is in its location, we get the back end of everything that comes with it.

Therefore we are calling on Government to assist us because when there’s government to government interaction, they can open up the doors for us that will assist us in moving that objective further. 

“Until then we will continue to suffer and the people who will suffer ultimately will be the consumer.

“Because any excessive costs that is incurred in the supply chain debacle will be carried by the consumers.

“Therefore it is important for us to work with stakeholders in particular Government who has a lot of power in the international stage. 

“We can only kerekere to Government – to ask them for their assistance to open up the doors.

“This is to enable us to be able to convince the powers that be on the international stage to please consider the problems that are happening right now. 

He stated that was basic economics of supply and demand. 

“Someone in the international stage throttle the supply and so the demand is still high, but the supply is low and as a consequence, prices will increase inconvenience, everyone. 

“Therefore we’re just still in the throes of the pandemic and so it’s important that we clear the road very quickly so that the costs will start to reduce.

“This is so that consumers can afford to buy things that they enjoy and some of the most of the things necessities in the house. 

“Not everyone is back on full employment.” 

Ease of Doing Business

The second issue, Mr Batiweti highlighted was that they continue to work with the government for assisting the private sector in the area of ease of doing business.

“We are very grateful for government for always assisting the private sector is in the area of ease of doing business. 

“It is something that would assist the private sector in moving the needle forward.

“And assisting the private sector to be able to produce goods and services and to have them available in the retail shops and in the supermarkets. 

“So that the consumers who are the citizens of Fiji, able to access those things. 

“So those are the two main things that we are focused on. 

“The ease of doing business is something that we focused on all throughout the year. 

“The supply chain one is one that we are working on immediately now to try and address and to come up with some solution. 

Mr Batiweti and Mr Narsey thanked the media for their usual support during the year. 

“We have always been shown in a good light in the media and we are very grateful for the work that you have done with us. 

“Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.” 


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