How Kubulau Villagers Got Hit With Tidal Waves

Their quick thinking and courageous attitude saved the village despite it being hit twice by the tidal waves.
19 Jan 2022 13:42
How Kubulau Villagers Got Hit With Tidal Waves

Children of Kiobo Village, Kubulau, Bua ran out of the sea when they saw tidal waves rushing towards them on Saturday.

They did not hesitate even despite this being their first encounter with a tidal wave, they sensed that danger was around.

Adi Ravu Maramaniqali went on to record the catastrophe.

The 18-year-old said they had just returned from the beach to drop off some family members and watched some children enjoying a swim, when suddenly the sea water rushed in and entered the village.

“Our house is near the shoreline and when I saw the children rushing in; I took my phone and went on live,” Adi Ravu said.

“The same children that came out from the sea ran into the houses to help their elders move to higher ground and assist six mothers with their newborn babies.

“Around 2.30pm we heard thunder. We didn’t know that it was from the volcano eruption in Tonga.

“This was followed by the tidal waves that rushed into the village.”

Adi Ravu said it was the first time for them to experience such a catastrophe, but they were still quick to act.

Their quick thinking and courageous attitude saved the village despite it being hit twice by the tidal waves.

She said that after the relatives from the next village saw her live video and rushed to the village to check on the women and children who were left alone as many of the men had gone to attend a funeral in the next village.

“The waves came in through the village and it happened again around 11pm,” she said.

Village headman of Natokalau, Kubulau, Bua, Rafele Jonetani Cawai said he was grateful that there were no casualties as they had not received any prior warning.

Mr Cawai said the villagers were still traumatised by the catastrophic event.

Meanwhile, Vatuvonu Adventist school in Cakaudrove also experienced the tidal waves rushing into the school computer and science labs.

Community Conservation Centre Project officer Maleli Qera said some coastal villages had unusual tidings that were the impact from the volcanic eruption from Tonga.

Mr Qera said that while many were taken by surprise by the unusual event, more catastrophes were expected on our planet if people don’t take action in the conservation processes.



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