Bullied On TikTok

Increase in number of complaints lodged at the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission regarding individuals being bullied on the entertainment app. The alleged perpetrator is an Australian resident who is currently in Fiji.
01 Feb 2022 12:23
Bullied On TikTok
Distraught Divya Chetty speaking after lodging her complaint to the Human Rights Commission in Suva on January 31, 2022. Photo: Leon Lord

More people have come forward to lodge their complaints with the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission after they claimed they were bullied on TikTok.

On January 29, the Fiji Sun published the story of Ruksana Begum, a woman who had sought help from the Commission after she alleged being bullied online.

She claimed she was bullied by a woman who lives in Australia. The woman is currently in Fiji.

Subsequently the Police have questioned some people in relation to the allegation.

Yesterday, eight more people lodged their complaints with the commission claiming they were bullied online by the same woman.

She is alleged to have promoted hate among Fijians on the basis of race and religion.

Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission director Ashwin Raj addresses victims at his office on January 31, 2022. Photo: Leon Lord

Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission director Ashwin Raj addresses victims at his office on January 31, 2022. Photo: Leon Lord

The complainants claimed that when they had asked the woman to refrain from inciting hate online, things took an ugly turn and she attacked them and their families on TikTok, allegedly using extremely vulgar words.

Victim Mul Naresh, 48, came from Labasa to Suva three days ago to seek justice for his daughter who is now ashamed to go to school because of how she was allegedly defamed on TikTok.

“She told me that she will take my daughters and make them sit on the streets,” he said.

“I am urging the authorities to give her a harsh penalty for what she is doing.”

A 22-year-old university student, Amina Ali, said she was taking supplements to treat her depression after she attempted suicide.

“She made comments about us being involved in prostitution and that we run a brothel,” Ms Ali said.

“She said we Indians have no right to be in Fiji and that we should go back to India.

“It is not easy for a young woman like me to live without respect.”

Third victim Divya Chetty, 28, claimed the woman made allegations on TikTok that her husband had raped her.

“The lady from Australia took out all our information from our own family members and then she started to defame my daughter and me,” Mrs Chetty said.

“She made allegations that my husband had raped me and people started questioning me.

“I wanted to commit suicide but my husband supported me, my daughter is just eight-years-old and she said my daughter will have a physical relationship with my elder son.

“I request the authorities to take action against her.”

Taxi Driver Mohammed Iqbal, 42, said his life was no longer the same after he was bullied.

He also claimed that the woman was paying money to fellow TikTok users to spread hate and make videos on people and send people to his home to threaten to kill him.

“My life is very important to me and my family, why does she wants to kill me?” he asked.

Commission Director Ashwin Raj said since the commission received the complaint and began its investigations, the alleged perpetrator had been taken in by the Police.

“I am equally disturbed about the allegations that one of the persons who is aiding and abetting this perpetrator is a woman who is apparently married to a police officer, it is incredible that today we saw a footage of the parents of one of the victims with this child inside a police station and the images of a child with this police station is circulated on social media,” Mr Raj said.

“After the Fiji Sun report came out on Saturday, we have eight people come forward to the Human’s Rights Commission this morning and raised concerns.

“The youngest victim of cyberbullying is a 5-year-old child who has got a very serious heart condition.

“Then there is an 8-year-old child and then the oldest victim of cyber bullying at the hands of this woman is a 72-year-old person.

“We have a young lady at the commission today who is on the brink of committing suicide because she is being bullied and harassed so much with those images being posted on social media with the hands of this proprietor.”

He said there was a lot of harm going on social media and Fiji had a very strong legal provision on these issues.




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