‘Who Killed Our Son?’

Parents want the law to take its own course, find the suspects and bring them to face justice
04 Apr 2022 15:22
‘Who Killed Our Son?’
Family members of the deceased Lemeki Duidomo (insert right), from left: Jasiliva Rokobote (sister), Sailasa Rasala (father), Teresia Ema (mother), Meresiana Naioba (sister), Viliame Ucuna (brother), Sulueti Tolevu (sister-in law) and nephews Vilimone Lacanivalu 8 and Mataisi Bulivou 10 at their home in Lami Village on April 3rd 2022. Photo: Leon Lord

The parents of a man allegedly killed after his head was hit with a heavy metal object  in Suva are demanding justice.

Lami residents Sailasa Rasala and wife Teresia Ema want Police to find the suspects in this heinous crime and bring them to court to face justice.

Their son, Lemeki Duidomo, 24, was allegedly attacked in front of a motel on Saturday morning.

Exact details of what happened are not clear as Police continue their investigations. Duidomo had disembarked from a car he was in to confront one of the suspects outside who had punched one of the passengers in the car.

That was when he was struck in the head.

He was rushed to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.


An emotional Teresia Ema said: “We want justice for our son who has been taken away from us so suddenly. We will let the law take its own course.”

“We never thought that we would lose him like this. I wish this was all a bad dream and that when I wake up, he would be here at home.

“My son had a hole in his heart when he was two years old, and he had to be injected until he was 15 years old, but he was always acting tough.

“We always know when he’s home because he would be doing something to make us laugh or angry.

When he is home with his siblings, he would act like he is the eldest, but he was the second youngest of six siblings.”

Ms Ema said her son was someone who was a caring, kind and loving person.

“I was admitted to the hospital, and he would always come and visit me.

He would always ask me what I wanted to eat, and he would get just that. On the day I was getting ready for my surgery the security called just to let me know that my son was downstairs. He would always call me to ask how I was,” she said.

“On Thursday last week I was discharged from the hospital and on Friday afternoon he told me that he had received his share of lease money. That evening he told me he was going to his uncle’s home to watch the Drua game.

“Little did I know that it would be the last time I would see him or talk to him. As a mother, it is not easy to be told that my son is no more. I miss him so much.”

His father, Sailasa Rasala with tears in his eyes described how seeing his son at the hospital broke his heart.

“When my daughter called to tell me that Lemeki was in the hospital and in a bad state I knew that I had to go to the hospital without telling my wife,” Mr Rasala said.

“When I reached the hospital, I couldn’t believe that the person lying on the bed was my son. My son was a bubbly person and to see him in that state came as a shock to me.

“When I came home, I hugged my wife and told her the news. It was hard for me to tell her, especially when she was just discharged from the hospital.

“Our son was not perfect, but he was always there for us, his parents and his siblings. For him to be taken from us suddenly is not something we expected.”


Promising rugby career

Lakeba Rugby Club manager Roko Sowani said Lemeki had a promising rugby career.

“We are still in shock when we heard of Lemeki’s death. He played the hooker and prop position for the Lakeba team and was a happy person who would always be making the team laugh during the training sessions,” Mr Sowani said.

“He joined the team in December, and he was the type of person that would give his all when he was training. There was a time when he called and told me that he couldn’t train because he had a boil on his back, so I told him to rest but he said he was going to be at the ground but instead of training he was giving water to his other teammates and that is the type of person he was.

“We are a new team and have played five games and won all of them and Lemeki was one of our key players. His death is a big loss for us. We want to thank his family for sharing Lemeki with us even if it was just for a short time.”

His eldest sister, Jasiliva Rokobote said they were waiting for the post mortem before they will decide on the funeral details.



Police said Lemeki had accompanied some friends to the motel when they were allegedly confirmed by another group of men who were blocking the driveway and a fight broke out.

“He was allegedly struck with a metal object. He then fell to the ground and a fight broke out. Later he was taken to the CWM Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” a Police statement said.

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