Young Fung Spreads Gospel On Organic Farming

In 2015, the then 18-year-old Veresa Fung was handed the responsibility to manage his late father’s farm - Fung’s Farm.
11 Jun 2022 14:09
Young Fung Spreads Gospel On Organic Farming
Veresa Fung.

In 2015, the then 18-year-old Veresa Fung was handed the responsibility to manage his late father’s farm – Fung’s Farm.

As young as he was, he took on that responsibility with the help from his family who followed on with his father’s passion to do organic farming.

Seven years later, the 25-year-old lad from Bua has done wonders creating a positive avenue for many businesses, communities and children in the different schools.

Fung’s Farm based at Tokotoko Back Road in Navua, be­gan operations in 2013 as seedlings raisers but have now ventured into farm consultation, organic consultation, organic fertilizers formulation, organic demo farm setups farmscaping, landscaping agri business development, or­ganic agriculture trainings and capacity building.

The business has set up 13 organic demo farms and six more setups are in the pipeline.

Mr Fung said the business has also trained 548 farmers with about 83 per cent of the farmers being women, which was encouraging to see.

“It all began with my dads passion in organics, later in 2015 he handed the business over to me,” he said.

“Unfortunately, he passed away in early 2020.”

He said the work was mainly focused on organic and sus­tainable agriculture.

“We are members of poetcom who is the main organic body in the pacific,” said Mr Fung.

“Our fertilizers are approved organic as well as our works.”

The works have benefited 43 communites and five schools being four rural and one urban school under certain pro­jects with the various partners with approximately 300 plus households to benefit from future projects.

“Our key partners include Pacific Blue Foundation, Friends Fiji and Pacific Grow,” he said.

Seeding the Young Programme

Mr Fung said the company’s Seeding the Young pro­gramme focused on helping schools that showed great in­terest in developing their students to become responsible sustainable farmers.

“We donate seedlings, fertilizers and expertise for their students and farm development,” he added.

“The programme began in April, with the first recipient being Beacon Learning Center Fiji.”

There are a total of 13 schools that have shown great in­terest, so far.

“Next in line to benefit from this programme is Marist Convent Primary School,” Mr Fung said.

He said the hopeful outcome from this programme was to develop young organic farmers from the grassroots level.

“This year we plan to cover at least 50 per cent of all ur­ban schools and hopefully intergrate organic agriculture in their educational curriculum,” he added.

“It’s all about building a bigger organic community. I en­courage farmers to farm responsibily.

“Practice safe farming methods. The agriculture sector has now turned into a capital sector rather than focus on food security.”

Mr Fung hopes all farmers will work together to better Fiji’s agriculture and food systems.

To purchase seedlings or any of the products and servic­es, customers can contact 9716121, 9091013 or 7434027.

Seedlings trays costs vary between $10 and $85, potted plantsand flowers vary between $2 and $120, fertilizers range from $10 for one litre, $17 for two litres and $35 for four litres.

The business’s landscaping and farmscaping fees vary depening on the size of work, which is between $30 per hour to $210 per hour.

The agri consultation will depend on the type of work fees done, which may be between $50 to $120 per hour.


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