Green Jobs For Cash To Create 10,000 Jobs

The programme will pay people to plant trees in their proposed locations.
15 Jun 2022 13:40
Green Jobs For Cash To Create 10,000 Jobs
Attorney-General and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum captures the moment with Lasse Melgaard, World Bank resident representative for South Pacific and participants of Jobs for Nature 2.0 project launch on June 14, 2022. Photo: Ronald Kumar

The World Bank has supported Government in implementing a programme that will help save the planet as well as earn money for Fijians.

Known as the ‘Jobs for Nature 2.0’, the programme would pay people to plant trees in their proposed locations.

While officiating at the launch of the programme, Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said this was one way of fulfilling the government’s effort towards reducing Fiji’s carbon footprint.

10,000 jobs are expected to be added from this initiative.

“The Jobs for Nature programme, of course, is part and parcel of the Fijian Government’s quest to address climate change and environmental issues,” he said.

“The beauty about Jobs for Nature 2.0 is that it is extremely multifaceted. It will not only provide people with jobs, it will create economic opportunities.

“It will help mitigate climate risks. If you look at it fundamentally, Jobs for Nature involves a lot of planting the sea grasses, mangroves, trees etc.”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the Government had a moral obligation to the programme that would run in the next three years, as part of its mission to achieve its target of net zero emissions by 2050.

“This will fundamentally provide jobs to people. It will pay at least the minimum wage rate which is known as going up to $4 an hour by January of next year,” he said.

“It will involve women’s organisations, youth groups and any other groups that want to participate in this. We also are looking at a multi-ministerial effort.

“I’d like to highlight slightly that in excess of US$8 million (about FJ$16m) will be spent over a period of three years. The Ministry of Economy together with the Ministry of Environment will ensure that those people are involved in it.”

He added the programme had the potential for business start-ups to grow into bigger ones.

World Bank resident

World Bank resident representative for the South Pacific, Lasse Melgaard, said the organisation was proud to support the first of kind green cash-for-work programme in the Pacific.

“Leveraging this experience, Jobs for Nature 2.0 is going to be a platform in Fiji for creating jobs aimed at strengthening community resilience, with a strong focus on vulnerable rural communities,” he said.

“This is vital work to support Fiji’s recovery. It is also a unique way to build on the strong connections that Fijians have to the land and to the sea.

He said the programme would also help revitalise Fiji’s experience in welfare graduation by quipping the most vulnerable Fijians with the skills and experience to be gainfully employed in the years to come.

The Ministry of Economy would open the registration portal soon where people could claim up to $20,000 for this rehabilitation programme.


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