Policies, Not Dance: Gavoka

SODELPA eyes 28 seats as Gavoka takes on Rabuka
29 Jun 2022 16:48
Policies, Not Dance: Gavoka

SODELPA leader Viliame Gavoka believes that The People’s Alliance (PA) party does not have what it takes to get into Government.

Mr Gavoka said Fijians wanted to know about party policies and not watch politicians dancing on Facebook live. This is perhaps the first time Mr Gavoka has taken a swipe at The People’s Alliance party leader, Sitiveni Rabuka.

The dance video of Mr Rabuka and an Indo-Fijian woman at a fundraiser has since gone viral on social media.  It was first posted on deputy leader, Lynda Tabuya’s Facebook page on Sunday at 10.22pm.

Since 7pm last night it has been shared 407 times.

“We may not be big and good at dancing and all that but on the ground we are very strong and people are relating to us on the ground,” Mr Gavoka said.

“People on the ground ask us for reconfirmation and assurance that the party is heading in the right direction and the AGM was an indication that the party is on its way.

“It comes down to policy, we know that the people in Fiji, who are the voters, are very discerning. They want to know what you stand for and SODELPA would be the only party today that is clear on its position.”

Mr Gavoka said SODELPA would concentrate on solutions and not the flaws of the current Government.

“We are going to point out the flaws of the Governmen, but we are not going to spend more time on that. We will talk on solutions hence the policy you put out to the marketplace,” he said.

“We have been hearing about the problems with the current Government for the last 16 years, and what we are going to do about it. SODELPA is more keen on highlighting what we are going to do about it and we believe we are strong on the ground.

Party leader Viliame Gavoka said turf control was a one key approach that would be used by SODELPA building up to the 2022 General Election.

Mr Gavoka highlighted that the approach stands as a model that will greatly help the party in campaigning.

“I am confident that this approach will win votes for the party when candidates make thorough campaigns in their area,” Mr Gavoka said.

“We are not really focusing on a ‘Super Star’ to give us votes, we are more focused on the turf to secure seats in Parliament.

“The main political stance and being inclusive with the people as candidates serve within their designated locality.”

Mr Gavoka said staying committed and focused on their political stance would be their top gun for the political party to enter into a contest with the other political party.

“The party aims to secure 28 seats in parliament with the turf control approach,” he said.

“With this turf control we can secure the numbers of seats that will give us control of Parliament and collectively all this turf will add up to the majority we want, as supposed to be someone carrying all the votes and others riding on its coat tails.”

SODELPA has announced 42 provisional candidates and will announce 13 more in a few weeks..


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