Specialist Offers Sound Advice For Ear, Nose, Throat Ailments

MIOT ENT specialist Dr Pandian is one of the most successful ENT surgeons in India.
28 Jul 2022 16:30
Specialist Offers  Sound Advice  For Ear, Nose,  Throat Ailments
Dr Pandian with the endoscopy machine at MIOT in Suva on July 27, 2022. Photo: Wati Talebula-Nuku

“Do not clean your ears because it cleans itself,” says Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr Sundara Pandian.

Dr Pandian is from MIOT International, Chennai and is in Fiji to spearhead ENT consultations. This started on July 18 and will end on Saturday.


Who Is He?

MIOT ENT specialist Dr Pandian is one of the most successful ENT surgeons in India.

He has performed more than 1800 complex ENT surgeries. His areas of expertise include Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), septal deviation correction, CSF leak repair, pituitary tumor surgery, sleep, snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea surgeries including coblation-assisted palatal surgery.

He also specialises in ear surgeries for infection (tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy), hearing loss, vocal cord surgeries, tracheostomy, tonsils and adenoid surgery. So far, Dr Pandian has seen 115 patients and expects to see about 170 patients by Saturday.


What Are People Doing Wrong?

Dr Pandian is advising Fijians not to use cotton buds to clean their ears because the ear cleans itself.

“Using cotton buds is a common practice. People use them to clean their ear wax and everyone has done it at some point.”

“However, I advise people against using cotton buds to clean ears,” he said.

“Ear wax is a natural substance produced by your ears to protect itself from dust, microorganisms, water and foreign particles. Using a cotton bud to remove it can lead to injuries and other problems.”

“When you use cotton buds to clean the inner part of your ears, you are pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal.”

“Ear wax is there for a reason. It protects your ear canal from dust, microorganism and foreign particles. It also lubricates the skin of your ears and prevents infections due to its antibacterial properties.”



During his consultation, Dr Pandian had to inform a man in his 60s that he had throat cancer.

“I have the endoscopy machine which I use to see inside a person’s nose, ears and throat.”

“The man complained about changes to the voice, throat pain and other symptoms associated with throat cancer,” Dr Pandian said.

“The man was taken back because he was not expecting the result to be throat cancer. It is always good to visit the hospital and get it checked and not to wait for it to get worse.”

“It is easier to solve something when it is still small or little and it is too late when it gets bigger.”



Dr Pandian said snoring was usually considered harmless, but for some people it indicates a more serious underlying medical condition or sleep disorder.

“Snoring can interrupt sleep. Loud, long-term snoring can be a sign of a serious disorder called obstructive sleep apnoea. A wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments can stop or reduce snoring,” he said.




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