Sole, Your New Investment App

A new digital and investment app, Sole, was recently introduced aimed at assisting customers with investment and saving plans.
23 Oct 2022 17:46
Sole, Your New Investment App
Sole Development team, (from left) Founder Semi Tukana, Isoa Kaloumaira, Ravind Singh.

A new digital and invest­ment app, Sole, was re­cently introduced aimed at assisting customers with in­vestment and saving plans.

A first for Fiji and the South Pacific, the app will allow a sus­tainable wealth creation for the whole Pacific region and beyond.

Chief executive officer, Mereia Volavola said it was the first time that digital on-boarding was happening on a fintech plat­form.

“We want Sole customers to be savers rather than spenders,” Ms Volavola said.

“By building up their savings they can fund their small business, education opportunities, better health services and access to nutri­tious food.

“It’s a tool to assist better per­sonal financial management,” Ms Volavola said.

The Sole App.

The Sole App.

About Sole Tech

Sole is derived from the itaukei word, “Solesolevaki” it’s a commu­nal concept where everyone takes part to help in a project, wedding, funeral or Vanua function.

“With everyone giving the little they have, it can result in a huge contribution,” she said.

“So for Sole users, dropping small funds little by little in a bucket will grow over time. We want Sole cus­tomers to be savers not spenders.”


The savings and investment ac­counts will be linked to Unit Trust of Fiji, licensed financial institu­tions term deposits and/or Fiji Na­tional Provident Fund, depending on customer preferences.

Users can deposit their savings through the company’s trust ac­counts at Bred Bank and Bank South Pacific.

They can also use their own in­ternet banking to transfer funds from their bank accounts to Sole e-account.

Ms Volavola said the develop­ment of the Sole account took their team about five months to complete.

Chief executive officer, Mereia Volavola.

Chief executive officer, Mereia Volavola.


The Sole Fintech App allows customers to have as many as 20 buckets to plan their expens­es, savings and investments.

For the unbanked and the marginalized communities in rural areas and on the islands would have the opportunity to save and invest at the same time.

Overseas remitters will have the choice on which bucket they can remit their funds to, like the payment for electric­ity bill, water bill, groceries, wed­dings, funerals or family projects.

Fiji citizens living abroad can also create their local Sole account.

Users can use their birth certifi­cate and voter ID card for ID docu­ments and the App will take a selfie photo of the person to match their photo ID.

Any individual can access Sole from anywhere in Fiji using their mobile phones, tablets or laptops as long as internet connection is available.


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