Editorial: Wake Up Fiji! Climate Change Is Real

Climate change’s influence is also felt in our daily lives, as weather experts in Nadi struggle to provide accurate forecasts. 
25 Aug 2023 11:35
Editorial: Wake Up Fiji! Climate Change Is Real
Wildfire wreckage in Lahaina, Hawaii. Source: AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Climate change is a reality that we can no longer deny.

It manifests in devastating ways, such as the recent fire in Maui, Hawaii, where strong winds fuelled a destructive blaze, leaving many residents homeless, seeking refuge at sea.

It’s also evident in the havoc wreaked by floods and monsoons across India, China, and Japan, as well as wildfires striking fear into Canadian communities.

The list of natural disasters linked to climate change could go on indefinitely, but how much more devastation must we endure before accepting the undeniable truth? Scientists implore us to trust the data, the numbers, and the urgent warnings. Even the United Nations Secretary-General continues to sound the alarm.


How many more international conferences on climate change (COP meetings) must we attend or read about in the news before we acknowledge that the impacts of climate change are unfolding right before our eyes?

In Fiji, for instance, some villages are being forced to relocate to higher ground as rising oceans swallow their land, with waves now crashing at their doorsteps.

Climate change’s influence is also felt in our daily lives, as weather experts in Nadi struggle to provide accurate forecasts.

This has been attributed to the El Nino weather patterns affecting the globe.

The World Meteorological Organisation declared the onset of El Nino conditions as a phenomenon, influencing weather patterns and lifting global temperatures.

Weather affects everyone and everything in our lives – businesses, governments, food, etc.


The challenge lies in the altered weather patterns we now face. Fiji is encountering dry conditions earlier in the year, which is unprecedented, not to mention the unreal occurrence of cold nights in the capital city, Suva. We may soon witness snow in Fiji if this trend continues.

It’s high time we maturely confront this issue with an open mind and open our eyes and ears to the overwhelming scientific consensus.

Let’s give ourselves a chance to live in harmony with nature by taking responsibility for our surroundings and the environment.

Proper and safe waste disposal, recycling, and reusing resources are just a few steps we can take.

Let’s collectively embrace our role as responsible stewards of this planet.


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