Black Pottery as a Medium to Promote Cultural Exchanges

Culture is wonderful because of communication.
15 Sep 2023 10:25
Black Pottery as a Medium to Promote Cultural Exchanges
Display of black pottery works from Chiping.

It is born from soil and fired into fine pottery.

Black pottery is hailed by archaeologists and historians as “the art of earth and fire, the crystallization of power and beauty.”

“In 2001, archaeologists discovered three pottery kilns at the Longshan Cultural Site of Chiping Jiaochangpu, and excavated a large number of black pottery items. Chiping black pottery has become a household name since then.”

Culture is wonderful because of communication. On September 1st, Chiping District organized the Fiji Branch of Xinfa Group to carry out black pottery cultural exchange activities in Savusavu City, Fiji. 

“Chiping’s black pottery uses the pure and delicate red clay soil under the previous bed of the Yellow River, which is richly endowed by nature, as raw material. After processed with drawing, trimming, carving and painting, it will be fired a unique method of ‘sealing kiln, smoking and carburizing’ finally. This is the black pottery produced in Chiping – Dancing Phoenix in China!”


After knowing that Chiping’s black pottery production has been around for more than 4,300 years, the Fijian participants have developed a strong interest in Chiping’s black pottery.

During the event, Sang Chengjun, an employee of the company, explained the history and characteristics of Chiping’s black pottery to the locals, and played the promotional film on the black pottery “‘The Mysterious Beauty’ that Spans Thousands of Years” on the spot, allowing the locals to experience the charm of Chiping’s black pottery up close. 

Fijian participants were very interested during the exchange of activities.

“The current Chiping craftsmen still use pure hand-polished carving skills to make black pottery. I admire their determination and perseverance to protect their traditional culture. I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn more about the black pottery craftsmen, more works and Chiping’s black pottery historical knowledge in the future, so that I can get in touch with more Chinese culture.”

She said that she usually likes to participate in activities related to Chinese culture and she really felt the significance and importance of cultural exchanges in this event. 

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