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Scar Fade Owner Empowers Others

Barber, Enele Ma’afu with a customer.

Empowering people through a pair of clippers is a stepping stone to encourage someone, says Enele Ma’afu.

His motto “A free haircut and conversation, with no strings attached” will help individuals tackle the challenges they face in life.

Growing up without a father was a challenge for Mr Ma’afu but it was the strength of his mother that got him through his childhood.

The 26-year-old, who lives in the Australian mining city of Mount Isa, is now reversing the situation.

After starting his own company in Fiji called Scar Fade in his backyard, he even started lending a hand to other young people in his community.

Mr Ma’afu said that moving to Australia created a completely new environment where he had to work hard to support himself.

“I used to run my own business back home in Fiji, but now with the support of my wife we both decided to take risk in running the business free of charge,” Mr Ma’afu said.


“A free haircut and a meaningful conversation I feel this is my calling to create a hub between people,” he said.

Teenagers and men nowadays, according to Mr Ma’afu deal with a lot of social issues, and blaming them won’t solve the problem.

“ I don’t look at the money, what I want is to let every individual who comes in to get a free hair cut that they are not alone in this battle of trying survive,” Mr Ma’afu said.

He said social issues such as depression and anxiety are silent killers, and creating this hub of conversation will not only benefit them but reassure them that living life to the fullest is crucial.

“People are coming, we are still in awe of the support, people from different cultures, backgrounds, they come together on that day, each Sunday from 9 to 12,” he said.



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