A lawyer from Lau who is fast emerging as one of those behind some involved in the recent sedition – related cases is under Police investigation. Australian-based Mereoni (Oni) Kirwin
26 Aug 2015 10:43
Oni Kirwin. Photo: Facebook

A lawyer from Lau who is fast emerging as one of those behind some involved in the recent sedition – related cases is under Police investigation.

Australian-based Mereoni (Oni) Kirwin rose to prominence late last year, after she claimed that she was to go to London to meet the Queen and discuss Fiji’s independence. This meeting never took place.

Yesterday, Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations Assistant Commissioner of Police Henry Brown confirmed that Ms Kirwin was certainly a person of interest.

“I can confirm that Oni Kirwin is under investigation,” he said.

Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Land Force Commander, said they would not comment as the matter was being handled by the Police.



Ms Kirwin is alleged to be involved in attempts to form a so-called Christian State in Ra and Nadroga and supporting some now in custody.

She is said to have met with some prominent people while earlier visiting here, including a political party leader.

Ms Kirwin is said to be from Matuku in Lau and from the Coriakula family. She was known as Mereoni Mataika.

She is said to have studied at the Ratu Sukuna Memorial School in Nabua, and later at University of Canberra and Australia National University.

A grandmother, Ms Kirwin appears to spend most time globetrotting on money raised by some of the Fijians living overseas.

She claims to have founded a Pacific Indigenous Samaritan Association. A look at the Facebook page of this association gives an insight into Ms Kirwin’s warped way of looking at the new Fiji where all races are equal.

She claimed to be attempting to file a case against Fiji in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on grounds that Fiji did not truly gain independence.

She has argued that leadership was returned to the people who were not descendants of the high chiefs that were signatories to the Deed of Cession. A check with the ICJ shows that no case has been filed.

Ms Kirwin currently tells people she lives with the Palm Island Aboriginal community in North Queensland (off Townsville).

She is believed to spend time in Sydney to work with the so-called Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement to raise funds for those accused in the alleged sedition.

When Fiji Sun reached out to the Coriakula family in Suva, they refused to be associated with her.

However, Facebook pictures show that Ms Kirwin’s daughter had a farewell ceremony at the Coriakula residence.

In one of her latest Facebook rants, Ms Kirwin is calling for the Fiji Sun to be razed to the ground and Fiji Sun people and the Government’s Qorvis communication specialists bashed.

She has also made anti-Muslim and anti-Indo Fijian statements on her page. While she calls on Fijians here to take the law into their own hands, Ms Kirwin has showed no interest in coming to Fiji to help those charged. According to sources, some Fijians who are mostly pensioners meet in Sydney every Thursday.

These people have pledged a fixed sum of money which is sent to Fiji every Friday to those who are now charged with various sedition cases.

It is understood that these people were sending in the funds even before these men and women fronted court.



Fijians from Ra in Australia distance themselves from Kirwin: Ra native, Reverend Josefa Davui from Sydney, said the people of Ra had distanced themselves from Kirwin.

He said she organised a march in Sydney to launch the Christian State flags for Nadroga and Ra and they were totally against it.

Rev Davui said Ms Kirwin was in a radio talk back show and he managed to tell her of their disagreement on what she had been doing in the name of Ra.



Bau chief Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau (Junior) said Ms Kirwin should come to Fiji and air her concerns.

He described her as a loser as she was away overseas and was using the iTaukei people who were in custody in Lautoka.




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