Need To Lift Productivity

  The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation believes that there is a lot more to be done in order to get the Fijian workforce to another level. And one of
28 Jun 2017 11:00
Need To Lift Productivity
Fijian Holdings Limited board chairman Adrian Sofield and chief executive Nouzab Fareed at the Top Executive Conference (TOPEX) at the Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa on Yadua Island. Photo: Waisea Nasokia


The Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation believes that there is a lot more to be done in order to get the Fijian workforce to another level.

And one of the major areas is productivity. As a country we can success only if we lift the productivity level, says FCEF chief executive officer Nesbitt Hazelman,

He said, “Productivity works hand in hand with wage increases, minimum wages and all these things. Businesses are happy to pay increases to the minimum wage. We are happy but it has to have a correlate with productivity in your work force. So if they can work hand in hand together we have no issue what so ever.”


Call for Productivity Council for Fiji

There is a call for the establishment of a Productivity Council for Fiji. “We need to take it seriously, we need to institutionalise a productivity council for Fiji where we go and talk about this issues industry by industry,” he said.

“We can lift the productivity for this country and work with the best practices around the world.”

How can we use some of those practises in Fiji and tailor make it into our own context?

Mr Hazelman said FCEF was not suggesting a certain dollar value but asking:

  • How can we measure it with lifting our productivity?
  • How can the Government assist the private sector in measuring productivity?
  • How can we build a productivity culture within the organisation?


Policy to go with it

Mr Hazelman also added, “We need assistance, we need the policy to go with it, we need the government to come on board and it involves with departments too.”


How can we work smarter?

Instead of taking so many days to get businesses licenses?

Why can’t we cut it down to half a day?

“That’s productive and people can come and start their businesses right away instead from going to one agency to agency before they can finally they can get a tick.

“All this things we believe that it will not only assist in Fijis growth but it will assist everyone and eventually is a win, win for everyone and private sector is standing by to approach in any initiative in this areas.



The private sector and all the manufactures industries have been called upon to support the reduction on salt, sugar and fats which is the major cause of non-communicable disease (NCD) in this country.

“We appreciate the government’s position on this and we want to assist in ensuring that we have a healthy population and we’ve made some suggestions on removing duty on all health food items,” he added.

“Make it attractive for the consumer to buy it because it’s cheaper than any other products,” he said.

“We’ve also asked the government to look at the boarders.

“Our manufacture are sort of complying with the laws and the regulation around this areas and the borders are poorer and items of simulation that can come through the borders that is sold on our shelves so we need a level playing field in this area so in terms of NCD.

“We would like to see a healthy workers and it is important to us to ensure that our staff are healthy and we also going a step further and we’ve sort something that is going to be radical and it deals with productivity and encouraging people to work hard.


Bonuses not to be taxed

FCEF is asking Government to consider taking any tax related to bonus for high performance away from the individual.

“If there is an individual really works hard and is given a bonuses, let him take it , he deserves it and why we should sort of go back and tax a person on a bonus and so this will create the environment within the organisation to work hard and to be productive  in their particular work force. This is all important for business,” he said.

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