Villagers On Shark Alert

“Those type of sharks will eat anything they come across and pose a huge threat, especially for our children,”
21 Oct 2021 09:24
Villagers On Shark Alert
Video grabs of the shark was taken as fishers cut open its belly and found a whole turtle still intact (inset).

Villagers of Nukusa Village near Udu Point in Macuata are on shark alert after a big Tiger shark was stranded at the reef over the weekend.

When fishers hauled the catch that had a length of about four metres (13-feet) at the shores and cut it open, a whole turtle fell out of its belly.

The Ministry of Fisheries confirmed the shark type and that it was a female. It also confirmed that the turtle was Flatback.


Tiger shark

  • Scientific name : Galeocerdo Curier
  • Estimated length: 3.5-4m (can swallow one adult and one child)
  • Turtle: Flatback Turtle
  • Scientific name: Natator Depressus
  • Size- 65-70cm carapace length

That ministry said shark had been feeding on the turtle ground for the village.

“Sharks become stranded and/or suffocate when they consume too much and the belly is heavy and cannot move,” the ministry said.

Villager, Kemueli Lagivala, said while shark spotting was not new in the area, finding one of that scale was rare.

He said it was found 700 metres from the shoreline where the turtles always breed.

“The shark was really big and we were also alarmed as to why it was lurking in our shores,” he said.

“The turtle did not have scratches on it. But it looked like it had been in the shark’s belly for four days. It was dead.”


Safety concern

Jeke Matereti, who said he was bitten by a great white shark a few years ago said, for the Tiger shark to be lurking on the shoreline where children and villagers frequent posed a great danger to coastal dwellers.

Mr Matereti said many big fish like whales and dolphins have been spotted in the area, but never a Tiger shark of that size.

“Those type of sharks will eat anything they come across and pose a huge threat, especially for our children,” he said.




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